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EntreFund Nigeria is an Entrepreneurial Convention and Exhibition where creative, innovative and talented aspiring entrepreneurs meet funding. It is an annual event that provides a very rare opportunity and one stop-shop for highly motivated emerging entrepreneurs to exhibit their creativity and ingenuity and also to access learning and funding.

EntreFund gives self-confident aspiring entrepreneurs a platform to learn directly from successful entrepreneurs as well as accessing no collateral and no interest funding from institutions at a spot.

EntreFund operates in alliance and partnership with reputable Nigerian financial institutions who ensure that best businesses at every EntreFund event get required funding with no collateral and interest.

In addition to capital provided, EntreFund also ctreates leverage off business experience and professional network to assist emerging entrepreneurs in their new businesses.

EntreFund is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to get over the strict lending terms offered by the banks, and to get over the fact that most banks don’t finance new businesses

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