Entrepreneurship/Start-up Supports

Entrepreneurship Support

We are a leading Business Media, and the most dynamic entrepreneurship focused company in Nigeria, Africa. We stimulate and ignite the spirit of entrepreneurship in young Africans through creative and exciting different business media channels.

Strategic Areas


We inspire budding entrepreneurs to take those first steps by stimulating them that entrepreneurship can be a way forward, and as a better career option that can lead to their individual success and the prosperity of Africa.



We engage in those activities that guide and activate entrepreneurship from conception to actualization. We get entrepreneurs started by sharing important mental and physical tools as well as transmitting the competencies that budding entrepreneurs need to kick-start innovative and sustainable start-ups



We challenge entrepreneurs to scale-up their business and move it to next level. We emphasize the importance of Acceleration. That is, to move from Start-up level to Scale-up level. We also engage in those activities that strengthen the entrepreneur’s capacity in accelerating their business growth in a sustainable way.

Service Areas

Online Mentorship Platform

Our Online Mentorship Platform, SENE Africa creates unbeatable opportunity for young entrepreneurs to connect with great mentors across the world. We know how important mentorship could be for an entrepreneur hence the importance for SENE Africa which removes barriers that could hinder young entrepreneurs from reaching their role models.

On SENE Africa Online Mentorship Platform, young entrepreneurs can reach over 50 top entrepreneurs across Africa.


Youth Entrepreneurship Events

One of the ways to get young people to think Entrepreneurship is through students’ stimulation while still in school. Our event, ThinkEntreCampus is an initiative that aims to support Undergraduates students in developing an entrepreneurial spirit that will have an impact in their societies after graduation. We do this to encourage the students to see entrepreneurship as a viable career option.

Our other interventions on Entrepreneurship/Start-ups include:
  • Training/Programmes
  • Online Publications
  • Periodical Start-ups Events/Competitions
  • Venture Capital Advice
  • Entrepreneurship Fund