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Dialogue of Leaders

Addressing the growing numbers of unemployed young people is vital and there are some clear steps that companies and other organisations can take to tackle this by awakening the spirit of entrepreneurship and helping young people get started in business

The Dialogue of Leaders and Entrepreneurs aims to provide a platform for engagement with Nigeria’s leading entrepreneurs and icons thereby assisting the existing and aspiring entrepreneurs in finding solutions to common challenges.

THE DIALOGUE of Leaders is a platform for discussion, mentorship, and inspiration for buddy entrepreneurs and future leaders.


  • An Entrepreneurship Summit
  • A gathering of top business leaders, rising entrepreneurs, and aspiring entrepreneurs
  • An avenue for rising entrepreneurs to share their stories with the aspiring ones giving them an opportunity to learn from them.
  • A standard platform for business leaders to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit of young Nigerians and inspire next generation of leaders.
  • TV coverage of the show by CNBC Africa and others
  • Networking/Breakfast Session
  • Inspire: Expert Panel on Questions & Answers Session.
  • Business Leaders/CEOs from different sectors
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