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The Next Titan

The Next Titan is about changing the story of Nigeria to a story about innovation, tenacity and entrepreneurship; a story of people who have the determination to defy the odds, transform their circumstances and challenge conventional wisdom.

And this is the idea behind The Next Titan; a business reality TV designed to ignite an entrepreneurial spirit of audacity, perseverance, creativity and drive of young Nigerians. Each week, tasks incorporate various aspects of business: sales, marketing, promotions, charities, advertising pitches ,philanthropy, and others; and the show will put to test the character and business savvy of the contestants.

The judges are experienced business people and widely travelled top business leaders.

The new series of the Season Two will see the contestants compete in teams in various tasks and challenges as they learn more about all the different aspects of owning and running their own businesses. The contestants will also experience the importance of philanthropy and community service by initiating such campaigns on the show.

The show is designed as entertainment and will be delivered through an exciting entertainment vehicle but its primary purpose is to change the mind-set of the people and ignite the entrepreneurial spirits of young Nigerians thereby accepting responsibility of being masters of their own destiny.

The show not only celebrates some of the nation's best entrepreneurial ideas but also makes an attempt to provide a launch-pad to the most deserving of Nigeria's budding entrepreneurs where people with ideas would dare to bid for their dreams and ideas

The reality show is a global standard television platform aims at practically engineering entrepreneurship among Nigerians through identifying the best business minds and supporting their entrepreneurial acumen through logistical assistance, informal training, knowledge and other requisite services needed to propel them into successful business personalities.

THE NEXT TITAN represents opportunity, inspiration and more importantly recognises ordinary Nigerians that have determination, gusto and a 'can-do' attitude with some of the best business ideas.

16 top contestants/finalists will have very real street smarts in order to make it through the challenges, and the contestants will prove their entrepreneurial flair through various businesses challenges in the 13-week of the show.

The show will bring the reality of pains and gains of entrepreneurial journey into the living rooms of millions of Nigerians, and viewers will be given opportunity to vote for whom they believe has the composite of a successful entrepreneur.

At the end of the 13-week show, the winner of the business-tasks reality show will walk away with a brand new car and millions of naira investment in his business; but the effects of educating and involving Nigeria's budding entrepreneurs who are watching the show will hopefully be far reaching.

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